Tap 'n' Pop 3

balloon adventures

8 different game modes, over 500 levels!
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Tap 'n' Pop 3 is finally here!

We took a while to develop the new Tap 'n' Pop, but we think that this is the best Tap 'n' Pop yet! 8 different game modes with different hazards and over 500 challenging levels!

Works on any device - just tap your app store button at the top!

Beautiful graphics

Tap 'n' Pop has been built from the ground up to work with ANY platform and ANY screen size. Whatever device you plan to play it on - it will look crisp and gorgeous!
Animation is smooth and natural giving you great pleasure in popping those balloons.

Works on almost ANY device

Play Tap 'n' Pop 3 : Balloon Adventures on:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Microsoft Phone 8
  • Mac OSX
  • Windows 8 desktops and tablets
  • BlackBerry 10 phones

Tap 'n' Pop 3 Video

Watch this short Tap 'n' Pop 3: Balloon Adventures video for iOS.